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Welcome to Haringey Home Connections - your choice-based lettings scheme

New Inbox Facility Now Available

Next time you log onto Home Connections, please check your INBOX for messages from the Lettings Team.

Hale Village New Development

Please visit to see layout plans, photos and general information about the development.

Newlon Housing Trust - Affordable Rent Tenancies

Affordable Rent Tenancy (ART) is a new type of affordable housing intended to provide an alternative to, but not replace, social rent. At present ART’s only apply to properties let by Housing Associations.

Please see below for further information



Our Housing Allocations Policy

A new way of allocating housing began on 1 March 2011.
This new system has been designed to make the allocation of social housing more transparent and to make it easier for applicants to assess their prospects of being offered the tenancy of a council or housing association home.

When you bid for properties, your level of priority will be determined by your Housing Needs Band (A, B, C, D or E) and the date you joined the Register.
Due to the very high demand for social rented housing in Haringey, almost all of it will be offered to applicants in Housing Needs Bands A and B.

Therefore, we strongly urge applicants in other bands to visit or call 020 8489 1000 to book an appointment with a housing adviser.

Where to View Properties

Properties are advertised on this site and in Customer Service Centres. Adverts are updated every week. Once you have looked through the available properties, you can enter your User ID and PIN number in to this site to bid. Remember to keep a record of the property reference numbers.

How to bid

Bidding by web

To bid on this site click on login and it will take you through the steps.
You will first see two icons - "Would you like to do a survey?" and "bid for a property/my information".
There are Info icons on each page which tell you more about each page if you select them.

Bidding by phone

When bidding by phone you will be assisted by an interactive voice recognition system. It is very easy to follow. You will need a touch-tone phone with a # button. Dial 0845 330 3184 and choose the language you want to use. Enter your user ID and PIN. Select 1 to start bidding for a new property and the interactive voice system will take you through each step.
The automated telephone service has instructions in 9 community languages in addition to English. These are: Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese, Somali and Turkish.

Bidding by mobile phone

Enter your PIN number and User ID followed by the property number you are bidding for with the # hash sign in between each number. So if your User ID is 023456 and your PIN 020961 and you want to bid for two properties with the references 123456 and 555444, you should enter: Bid#023456#020961#123456#555444 and send to 07781 482 894.


To ensure that homeless households move out of temporary accommodation as soon as possible (and do not simply wait until they can make a successful bid for those homes that are in the most popular parts of Haringey), we have introduced auto-bidding.

If you are living in temporary accommodation, we will talk to you regularly about all of your housing options, including affordable home ownership and renting a home in the private sector. If you are still there when you could have been bidding successfully for a suitable home, we will interview you again to review your situation and discuss auto-bidding.

Two months after that interview, the Home Connections computer will start bidding, on your behalf, for homes that are suitable and meet your housing needs.

How the bidding cycle works

Adverts are placed on the Home Connections website and in Customer Service Centres from Wednesday.

Bidders who have the highest priority need (based on their Housing Needs Band and effective date) and are eligible for housing will be shortlisted.
The shortlists will be produced on the following Monday and viewings of the council homes will normally take place on the Tuesday or Wednesday.

Housing associations will arrange their own viewings and will, themselves, contact the applicants nominated by the Council. They will usually give more notice of the viewing.

You must ensure we have your up-to-date telephone number, so that we can contact you quickly when you are shortlisted for properties and need to attend viewings.

Information for council tenants


Introductory Tenancies

All new tenancies will now start with the Introductory Tenancies for the trial period of 12 months. For more information about these changes read a leaflet (1.75MB) on a Homes for Haringey web page.

Leaving Your Property

You must give us 4 weeks notice in writing if you want to end your tenancy and leave the property. Notice from one joint tenant ends the tenancy for both. The notice you give must end on a Monday. We will charge the rent for this period of notice.

If you leave and do not tell us, you will have to pay the rent for the property until the date when you tell us you have left or we repossess the property.

Newlon Housing Trust - Affordable Rent Tenancies


What is Affordable Rent Tenancy?

Affordable Rent Tenancy (ART) is a new type of affordable housing intended to provide an alternative to, but not replace, social rent. At present ART’s only apply to properties let by Housing Associations.

A proportion of both new homes and existing properties available for re-let, through affordable rents. Existing tenants transferring should seek further information from the Housing Association of the property they are interested in applying for.

This will not affect existing tenants who are not seeking to move from their current home.

Properties let under ART will cost up to 80% of open market rents. Where tenants are eligible for Housing Benefit it will continue to be paid in the same way as for social rented properties at present.

How will Affordable Rent Properties be advertised?

Affordable Rent properties will be advertised through the Home Connections scheme and will be allocated in the same way as social rents, with some additional assessment criteria. The new ART advertisements will clearly indicate that the property is an Affordable Rent Tenancy.


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